The Death Card In Love Tarot Readings

Published: 04th April 2011
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When it comes to love tarot readings, many people presume that the Death card can signify the end of a romantic relationship. Although this can be the case in some circumstances, it is certainly does not reflect the entire interpretation of the Death tarot card in love readings.

In a tarot love reading, the Death card can often indicate that a particular stage of a relationship or romance is coming to a conclusion or end. This is not to be interpreted literally. Rather, it a metaphorical or symbolic ending. It does not indicate that a couple may stop loving each other, separate or seek a divorce. More often than not, it refers to the completion of specific stage of a relationship: the relationship must evolve and shift. In most cases, Death refers to the relationship that is suddenly forced to transform and change.

For those in relationships that have reached an impasse, the Death card can serve as an important messenger. This is the time to become both aware your own self and to become conscious of how you and your partner are relating to each other. This would be the time to thoroughly examine your relationship. More than likely, your old style of communicating with your partner has become outdated or is no longer viable. It’s crucial for you to identify the areas in your relationship in which you feel stuck. A new perspective may be needed in order for the relationship to move forward and evolve into something new and fresh.

As mention above, Death can indicate the need to terminate a relationship. Relationships that resist or refuse change or transformation tend to stagnate or lose momentum. This is the point where the relationship will have to let go of its own identity in order to form a new one. The real question centers on whom, as a couple, do you want to become versus who you have been in the past. If, for example, you were a couple that based your attachment on mutual interests you may be forced to find another way to connect to your partner. Inevitably, your relationship must find new areas that bring you together. In love tarot reading, Death will force you to expand your perspectives and outlook on your relationship and, hopefully, encourage you to grow and transform with your partner. If a couple fails to make necessary change, it is at risk of coming to an end.

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